43-3...Did Denver Piss Off Dallas?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Yesterday, the Atlanta Falcons were in Arlington, Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were coming off a humiliating 30-16 loss at home to the Denver Broncos. That loss snapped a six-game winning streak and the Dallas offense was shut down while the defense was humiliated. The Cowboys learned a valuable lesson; that arrogance destroys you one way or the other.

Last season, week 2, Dallas beat Atlanta 40-39 courtesy of a game-winning field goal as time expired. In that particular game, Atlanta led 20-0 after the first quarter and led 29-10 at the half. With eight minutes Atlanta led 39-24 but allowed Dallas to come back. The humiliating part was that Dallas kick an onside kick which Atlanta didn't bother trying to recover.

Atlanta was hell-bent on exacting revenge on the Cowboys. However, no revenge. Quite the opposite, actually. Dallas humiliated Atlanta once again. This time, in a worse fashion. Atlanta did threaten at first, but a failed fourth-down attempt changed everything and Atlanta never recovered. Dallas took advantage and did not stop.

The Falcons were overwhelmed big time. Matt Ryan went 9-for-21 for 117 yards and two interceptions. Nothing was going right. Now many will say that the absence of Calvin Ridley disadvantaged Atlanta, but last week Atlanta upset the Saints without Ridley, so Ridley's absence can't be used as an excuse. Kyle Pitts and C. Patterson were there and both were capable of dismantling Dallas' defense. But Dallas defense did it's job.

Dallas was obviously hell-bent on avenging what happened against Denver, and they took their anger and frustrations on Ryan & company. So yes, Denver did piss off the Cowboys.

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