A Change In College Football This Fall?

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Looks like College Football will be done a little bit differently this year. Due to the whole COVID-19 pandemic, to say that the chaos has affected sports would be a major understatement. Now, it seems that College Football is going to be affected by it.

On Thursday, the Big 10 conference announced a conference-only model for this coming season. The Pac-12 announced yesterday that they will do the same. The SEC, Big 12, and ACC have yet to make a decision. However, it's very likely that they're going to make a decision to follow suit. The Ivy League announced that all fall sports are to be canceled.

At this point, the Big 12, SEC, and ACC probably have no choice but also announce a conference-only format. Unfortunately, this format eliminates historical rivalry games such as Iowa vs Iowa State and Florida vs Florida State and even USC vs Notre Dame. On the bright side, many more historical classic games such as Texas-OU, Ohio State-Michigan, Alabama-Auburn, and Miami-Florida State. Overall, there really isn't much change.

This really does negatively affect College Football since it won't go down the traditional and historical way. But at this point, what choice to College Football officials have? They're doing their best to make sure that we have College Football this fall despite the chaos and stress caused by the whole pandemic. Safety precautions are of the highest priority.

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