ArchRivals NFL Picks: Week 4

Week 3 was a good week for the ArchRivals crew. All three guys won at least 10 games in Week 3.

Week 4 however will see some major changes as there are 7 games where the guys picks different.

Week 3 Record (Overall Record):

Ricky " The Prez" Litwinkowich: 11-5 (33-15)

Alex "Bear Man" Al-Kazzaz: 11-5 (31-17)

Darnell "The Playmaker" Sallins: 10-6 (28-20)

Week 4 Picks:

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals

All: Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, October 3, 2021
1PM Games:

Tennessee Titans @ New York Jets

All: Tennessee Titans

Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles

All: Kansas City Chiefs

Carolina Panthers @ Dallas Cowboys

Ricky & Alex: Dallas Cowboys

Darnell: Carolina Panthers

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints

All: New Orleans Saints

Cleveland Browns @ Minnesota Vikings

All: Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Alex & Darnell: Chicago Bears

Ricky: Detroit Lions

Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills

All: Buffalo Bills

Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins

Ricky & Alex: Miami Dolphins

Darnell: Indianapolis Colts

Washington Football Team @ Atlanta Falcons

Ricky & Alex: Washington Football Team

Darnell: Atlanta Falcons

4PM Games: