Best on The Mic: Final Four Set

The Best on The Mic Tournament has finally reach it's Final Four stage. With the Elite Eight Round being completed, there only four wrestlers remaining: Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Macho Man Randy Savage, and The Rock.

Two top-seeds survived their brackets while the other two top-seeds were upset in the Elite Eight round.

Here's the breakdown of each Final Four combatants.

The Flair Bracket:

The Flair Bracket was crown by the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair.

Opening Round: vs. Ron Simmons 36-4

Round of 32: vs. Mick Foley 26-2

Sweet Sixteen: vs. The Undertaker 23-5

Elite Eight: vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper 28-18

The Rhodes Bracket:

The Rhodes Bracket had it's top-seed, Dusty Rhodes defeated in the Elite Eight.

Stone Cold Steve Austin emerged as the Rhodes Bracket Champ.

Opening Round: vs. Baron Corbin 65-3

Round of 32: vs. Bray Wyatt 21-7

Sweet Sixteen: vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts 26-11

Elite Eight: vs. Dusty Rhodes 13-10

Hogan Bracket:

The Hogan Bracket had the same fate as the Rhodes Bracket with the top-seed being eliminated in the Elite Eight.

Macho Man Randy Savage emerged as the champion of the Hogan Bracket.

Opening Round: vs. Mark Henry 30-4

Round of 32: vs. Samoa Joe 38-10

Sweet Sixteen: vs. Paul Heyman 16-10

Elite Eight: vs. Hulk Hogan 14-7

The Rock Bracket:

The Rock Bracket saw its top-seed survive the bracket. The Rock owns his bracket.

Opening Round: vs. Stevie Richards 15-1

Round of 32: Jesse "The Body" Ventura 21-1

Sweet Sixteen: vs. Jim Cornette 23-11

Elite Eight: vs. John Cena 29-2

The Tournament is closing in on the champion of the mic in wrestling history. The Final Four is set with Champions of the four brackets.

-Ric Flair of the Flair Bracket

-Stone Cold Steve Austin of the Rhodes Bracket

-Macho Man Randy Savage of the Hogan Bracket

-The Rock of the Rock Bracket

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