Calvin Ridley Suspended For The 2022 Season

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Calvin Ridley will NOT be playing football this year. The National Football League has suspended him for betting on games last season. Ridley announced that he would be briefly stepping away from football due to personal issues relating to his mental health. The announcement came last Halloween.

According to EPSN, the NFL issued a statement saying Ridley had gambled on games in November in a period of five days. Interestingly enough, this comes immediately after his decision. There have been recent reports that several teams were interested in working out a possible trade with the Falcons involving Ridley. But with the current situation, most teams may back out for the time being. In the Flacons' case, perhaps this is why the team refused to trade him. That may be a smart move on their part.

Riddley has three days to appeal the suspension. In one of his recent tweets, Ridley says that he'll be healthier when he comes back. In another tweet, he insists that he doesn't have a gambling problem, acknowledging that he only bet $1,500. That indicates that he's admitting it, and it may even further suggest that he won't appeal and serve his suspension. His tweet about claiming he'll be healthier when returns would suggest that he'll serve the suspension. The whole situation is clearly mind-boggling.

The Falcons released a statement of their own. The organization states that they've been aware of the situation since an investigation began last month. The Falcons further state that they've cooperated and they are moving forward to prepare for this coming season.

The last four years have been rough for the Atlanta Falcons. The team hasn't made the playoffs since 2017 and the team's future is anything but bright. In Ridley's case, what does this mean for him and his future? This certainly affects his reputation and it may have a significant impact on his career.

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