Dallas' loss to San Francisco may be the most embarrassing playoff loss in franchise history

Updated: Mar 24

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

14 penalties, terrible offensive linemen, a dead running game, CeeDee Lamb a ghost, terrible playcalling, and terrible coaching all sums up the playoff to San Francisco. To make it worse, Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy would blame the refs for their failure. That's pathetic and inexcusable.

12-5 in the regular season with a 6-0 finish in a weak and soft NFC East division. Dallas came into the playoffs quite arrogant and most importantly OVERRATED. Don't deny it, Cowboys nation. Dallas was AWFUL. They beat NOBODY during the regular season. Dallas has a reputation of winning against weak teams but against the good teams, Dallas embarrasses themselves BIG TIME.

Cowboys nation has been quiet lately. I mean, they have NO excuses for the Cowboys whatsoever. Quite frankly, there are no excuses. Because as I said in my episode of Cowboys Talk when I recapped, the Cowboys were fully exposed as an arrogant and overrated team. My thoughts and criticism are 100 percent justified now. Nobody can deny it.

Right now, it looks as though Dallas will lose both Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn. Quite frankly, Moore leaving is good, but losing Quinn will hurt. Quinn obviously must do what's best for him and his family. However, the big picture is the future of Mike McCarthy. Jerry Jones expressed his anger and frustration on how the season ended and he refused to talk about McCarthy while doing a radio interview. Interesting, right? We don't know what's going with McCarthy. If McCarthy is still in HC by next Monday, it'll be safe to say that he's officially staying on. For Dallas, the best thing would be if Moore were to leave.

Dallas's future is anything but bright. Frankly, it's very cloudy and there's no reason for high hopes. It's going to be a long off-season for Dallas. They should be used to that, no?

For the time being, Dallas needs to work on off-season needs such as free agency, the draft, mini-camp, off-season workouts, training camp, etc. Right now, they should focus on who to re-sign since 21 players are set to be unrestricted free agents.

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