Five Exciting Matches In Dallas's Schedule

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Week 1 is already exciting. We got the Los Angeles Rams taking on the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football along with Denver visiting Seattle on Monday Night Football. Dallas and Tampa Bay in a 2021 Week 1 rematch on Sunday Night Football in Arlington, Texas. In addition, we got several division games like Green Bay vs Minnesota, the LA Chargers visiting Las Vegas, New Orleans visiting Atlanta, and finally, the Bengals playing the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

By the way, did I mention that it appears that Dallas' has a very easy schedule? No? Well, that's because it really doesn't make a difference, does it? But let's go over five interesting games in Dallas's schedule.

Dallas vs Tampa Bay in Week 1

Save the most exciting game for last, huh? Not really because the Rams vs Bills on TNF is exciting as well as the first Monday Night Football game between Denver and Seattle. Russell Wilson's return to Seattle ought to be well-documented. But Dallas hosting Tampa Bay at home in Week 1.

Tom Brady briefly retired, but that lasted less than seven weeks. Let's be honest, we all saw it coming, right? Bruce Arians retired, and Todd Bowles is the new head coach. The Cowboys had a bad free agency and a questionable draft. Dak Prescott's consistency is still a major concern, as far as Ezekiel Elliott goes, who knows just what the future holds for him, and the offensive line is a disaster and with Kellen Moore still offensive coordinator and calling plays? No heavy expectations for Dallas. The defense is exciting but how far can they do with an unpredictable offense? Not far...AT ALL. Tampa will do their homework knowing that Dallas can be broken.

Dallas hosting Tampa is huge for the Cowboys. A win or loss can negatively impact Dallas moving forward. A win may cause arrogance while a loss will break confidence. Either way, there are consequences. Tampa is the favorite. Dallas favored over Brady? NOT HAPPENING.

Dallas vs Green Bay in Week 10

Mike McCarthy making his return to Green Bay. He coached the Packers from 2006 to 2018. Dallas HATES taking on Green Bay because it NEVER ends well for them. The two playoff losses in 2014 and 2016 for one. And the fact that Aaron Rodgers always embarrasses them. IT NEVER GOES WELL.

The Packers' regular-season record under Matt LaFleur is 39-10. LaFleur took over in 2019 and under his coaching, the Packers have won THREE straight NFC North Titles and have made it to TWO NFC Championships. It'll certainly be interesting to see how LaFleur does against his predecessor.

This is a game where Prescott has to prove himself. He's already got a reputation for NOT playing well against the strong teams. There's no way Green Bay comes into this game with a losing record, so Prescott may have one of those hard-fought career moments. The defense will be in for a challenge. It's going to be a long and cold night for the Boys. A questionable offensive line with a running game that might not show up. Who knows that miscues could occur for the Boys. Any bad luck for the Boys, the Packers will gladly take advantage.

This game will be on November 13th in Lambeau Field. Dallas is definitely the underdog. Dallas favored over Green Bay at Lambeau? NOT HAPPENING.

Dallas vs New York on Thanksgiving

The Cowboys vs the Giants on Thanksgiving? If it were the Washington Commanders, that would have made sense since it's happened four times in the last ten years. Dallas did take on the Giants on Thanksgiving before, the last time being back in 1992!

Dak Prescott has amassed a great record against the Giants. As far as the Giants go, regardless of how bad they are, anything can happen. Prescott knows that better than anyone. Since 2016, the Cowboys have only lost to the Giants once. However, the Cowboys have not won on Thanksgiving since 2018.

The Giants haven't won the NFC East since 2011. After eleven years of obscurity, they're looking to reemerge as a threat in the league. Though it's too early to tell, this season may be the season where the Giants slowly begin to rise from the dead. Dallas doesn't want to allow it, so they'll have to do something about it. Beating NY on Thanksgiving gives Dallas a bit of pride.

The first meeting between the two will be on Monday Night Football in Week 3. Dallas will have just taken on Tampa and Cincinatti. New York takes on Tennessee on the road in Week 1 followed by a game against Carolina at home. Depending on the start of both teams will tell who's the favorite. At the moment, on paper, Dallas is the favorite.

Dallas vs Houston in Week 14

Nothing like a good old Texas football showdown. Dallas vs Houston. Rival cities. Right off the bat, the world knows that Dallas will NOT allow Houston to pick up a win on their turf. Houston won't go away. Dallas will have to fight for that win. In other words, they'll have to earn that win.

Right now, it's unclear who will be the Texans quarterback. Davis Mills is more than likely to be the guy and Dallas better watch out. In the draft, Houston made respectable defensive picks. In addition, they took Kenyon Green in the first round as well as Derek Stingley Jr. Houston is ready to give Dallas a fight.

Quite frankly, anything can happen when Dallas and Houston square off. On paper, Dallas must be the favorite. However, being that this game is late in the season, who knows what position both teams will be in in mid-December. Either way, let's hope for an entertaining hard-fought match.

Dallas vs Los Angeles in Week 5

For the second year in a row, Dallas takes on the defending Super Bowl Champions. Surely, Dallas would love to gain the spotlight in the city of Los Angeles! But will the Rams allow it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! At the site of next year's WrestleMania, the Rams plan to give their audience an Oscar-winning performance.

The LA Rams are loaded with talent. Hell, they've got enough to win it all again. Who knows, maybe they will? That remains to be seen. Dallas can certainly prove themselves as a respectable opponent, but the Rams are more than likely to overwhelm the Boys. As mentioned previously, the Cowboys offensive line is in terrible shape and with Kellen Moore continuing with the terrible play-calling, it could be a comedy act for Dallas. Unless by some freak of luck, Moore takes a smarter approach and the offensive line is functional, maybe it won't be a bad night.

Los Angeles is beyond a heavy and overwhelming favorite. This game can end up as a comedy act for Dallas, or a high-action thriller game. Who knows? Perhaps this match will be an NFL BOX OFFICE HIT!

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