Kansas City's Reign of Dominance in the AFC West will now be challenged...BIG TIME!

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The AFC West has been the most interesting division this off-season. Denver, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas have made some big moves. All three teams are determined to end Kansas City's ruling of the division. Although many are still convinced that the AFC West is still ruled by the Chiefs Kingdom, one thing's for sure, and that's the fact that now there will be some true competition. That's what this division needs.

Just when we asked ourselves if things can get better for the Las Vegas Raiders, they make another shocking move! This time, they've acquired WR DeVante Adams from the Green Bay Packers! Adams will sign a five-year, $141 million extension with the Raiders. As part of the trade, the Packers receive the Raiders first-round and second-round draft picks. Furthermore, the Raiders acquired Chandler Jones and re-signed DE Maxx Crosby.

Denver and Los Angeles have worked some magic of their own. Denver acquiring veteran QB Russell Wilson from Seattle and signing DE Randy Gregory speaks for itself. Denver really took a high-risk gamble sending numerous draft picks along with a package of players for a 33-year-old quarterback. LA, on the other hand, made some very good moves, acquiring LB Khalil Mack and CB J.C. Jackson in an effort to strengthen their defense. In addition, they re-signed WR Mike Williams a larger three-year deal.

It's obvious that the competition has already begun. With Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Denver all making big moves to gain the upper hand, the Chiefs better be doing their homework because they know that while the division can still belong to them, they're going to have to triple their efforts this coming season. The Chiefs signed safety Justin Reid, which ought to help out their defense.

As far as the favorite to win the division in 2022 is in question. As mentioned, many say it'll be the Chiefs, but all three other teams working to bulk up their strength, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. The best thing to do is wait and see what happens because ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! But as far as who's done the best job in free agency, it's quite difficult, but it's safe to say that the AFC West is truly up for grabs and any of the four teams can win it.

It doesn't end here, though. Because we've still got the 2022 NFL Draft! Who knows just what the heck is going to happen next with the AFC West! The competition has just begun, and it's immediately escalated into a war!

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