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Logan Paul's Summer Slam Impact!

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

After what happened to Logan Paul at Wrestlemania, it's no surprise that it came down to what we saw at Summerslam in his match against The Miz. At Wrestlemania, Paul teamed up with Miz to defeat The Mysterios in a winning effort. As we know, after the match Miz turned on Paul and delivered a skull-crushing finale. That indicated that the wrestling world would see a rivalry between the two, and most importantly, a match in the foreseeable future.

When Paul had officially signed his WWE contract, he sent a direct message to Miz. And the rivalry would soon heat up even more. Fans know the events leading up to the match at Summer Slam between Paul and Miz. And the match was outstanding. And while the match itself was brilliant, Paul's unique and incredible wrestling ability tells the story.

Quite frankly, what Paul did in the match is going to have fans talk about it for a very long time! Paul has made an impact at Wrestlemania and now at Summer Slam! So which is next? Survivor Series? The Royal Rumble? WHO KNOWS?! But what we know is Paul will continue doing what he does! This is beyond just a Summer Slam impact! This is about a PRO WRESTLING IMPACT!

The wrestling fanbase is aware of just how seriously Paul was in training before Wrestlemania. The further training only honed his craft even further. It's clear that Paul loves the wrestling business and is determined to work hard to live his dream and make the strongest positive impact in the pro wrestling industry. And in his match against Miz, Paul made that strong positive impact. Hell, even Miz himself strongly praised Paul's in-ring work. Paul was put over for a reason and that's NOT simply because he's a celebrity, but because Paul is able to work impressively in the ring. Paul earned the privilege to be put over against Miz.

In Paul's case, despite the fact that he's only wrestled in two matches, there's no doubt, that he's learned so much already and is quickly solidifying himself as a future star for the WWE. And without a doubt, there's huge potential for a bright future as far as a working relationship goes with Paul and the WWE.

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