NBA Restart Begins Tonight

After 4 and half months, the 2019-2020 NBA Season restarts tonight. 22 teams inside the Orlando Bubble to finish the season during this is truly remarkable. 13 teams in the West and 9 teams in the East.

Eastern Conference Team

  1. Milwaukee Bucks

  2. Toronto Raptors

  3. Boston Celtics

  4. Miami Heat

  5. Indiana Pacers

  6. Philadelphia 76ers

  7. Brooklyn Nets

  8. Orlando Magic

  9. Washington Wizards

Western Conference Teams

  1. Los Angeles Lakers

  2. Los Angeles Clippers

  3. Denver Nuggets

  4. Utah Jazz

  5. Oklahoma City Thunder

  6. Houston Rockets

  7. Dallas Mavericks

  8. Memphis Grizzles

  9. Portland Trail Blazers

  10. New Orleans Pelicans

  11. Sacramento Kings

  12. San Antonio Spurs

  13. Phoenix Suns

All 22 teams will play eight seeding games to determine who's in the playoffs and what seeding are in the playoffs based off winning percentage.

Tonight TNT brings the doubleheader for the Restart.

  • Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans at 6:30PM

  • LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers at 9PM

Check out our Hoops Talk Podcast as Darnell "The Playmaker" Sallins gets you ready for the NBA Restart tonight.