NFL Early Season Quick Thoughts

As I sit here on my 3rd vodka soda of the morning it feels like the right time to share some random thoughts on the still young NFL season. I will try to keep them somewhat organized and coherent, but at some point, the vodka may take control. Let's get to it.

General Thoughts

  • I feel like the league has already set the record for the most delay of game penalties in a season. It has been so bad the Broncos fans were comically counting down the play clock in unison to try and help their team out at one point. I have a theory about Analytics. Coaches are waiting on their data team to crunch the numbers and tell them what type of play to call, then they have to find the play that fits from their play sheet, and call into a QB who then has to call it in the huddle, get everyone up to the line and snap the ball. I would imagine it is not that simple but the overanalyzing of every decision has to be slowing teams down somewhat.

  • What happened to the pass-happy offensive explosion of the last few years? Maybe I am being overly influenced by all the prime-time snooze fest we have seen so far, but with few exceptions, the league has taken a major step back in offensive productivity. Lots of key offensive players switched teams in the offseason which surely plays some role in this, but it has been odd.

  • This might be the Titans fan in me talking, but it feels like this is the earliest in the season that most of the league has realized they have no shot. It feels like there really are only 3-4 teams capable of stringing 3 straight good games together which is kind of important if you want to win the Super Bowl. Almost 28 teams are already dead in the water when it comes to actual contending

AFC East

  • After all the talk of how stacked the AFC West was going to be, the East might sneakily be the best division in the NFL. When the Patriots are fighting to not be in last you know there's heavy competition.

  • The Bills are my pick to win the Super Bowl. That is not a huge leap or anything, but beyond the talent, they have on the field it just feels like this is the year they finish the storyline and exercise the demons of the past.

  • I am not sold on Tua, but when you have two insanely fast wide receivers that no one can cover you can overcome deficiencies at the QB position.

  • I think the Jets might be kind of decent. I like their defense, and they have some weapons on offense. I have questions about Zack Wilson and Robert Saleh, but they might surprise some teams

  • As someone with terrible ankles that can be sprained while sitting down, I am allowed to say that the Mac Jones picture is hilarious. Get well soon.