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2022 NFL Top 5 Rankings: Linebackers

The 2022 NFL season is approaching, and The Playmaker is here to give you his Top 5 rankings for each position. Today we focus on the other side of the football which defense. Here are the Top 5 rankings for linebackers.

5. Kyzir White, Los Angeles Chargers

Linebacker, a position where you are the leader of the defense most of time. To be great at linebacker, who have to have the ability to diagnose what play the offense is going to run and make play on the ball. These five guys did their jobs exceptionally well in 2021 starting with number five, Kyzir White of the Los Angeles Chargers. White made a big jump from 2020 to 2021 in terms of production on the field. The Chargers had one of the top defenses in the league last season and White was a major part in that. White had 90 tackles, a sack, two interceptions, and two forced fumbles. Expect White to be even more productive and the Chargers defense as a whole with the additions of Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson.

4. Foyesade Oluokun, Atlanta Falcons

Number four is a man who came out of nowhere in the Dirty South. A man who also made a big jump in production in 2021. That man is Foyesade Oluokun of the Atlanta Falcons. Just like Kyzir White, Oluokun is a four-year pro who is starting to see the fruits of his labor produce on the football field. Even though, the Falcons did not a good season in 2021, Oluokun was a bright spot for them on the defensive side. A whooping 102 tackles, two sacks, three interceptions, and a forced fumble in last season. The NFC South belongs to the Tamap Bay Buccaneers, but eyes will be the young linebacker from Atlanta to see him continue grow and probably become a top-notch linebacker.

3. De' Vondre Campbell, Green Bay Packers

You can be certain about two things in Green Bay. One being Aaron Rodgers leading the offense and two that the Packers will have one of the top defenses in the National Football League. One of the reasons why that defense is amongst the tops in the NFL is De' Vondre Campbell. You couldn't watch a Packers game and not hear Campbell's name at least three or four from the announce team. Campbell was all over the field for Packers last season. 102 tackles with two sacks, two interceptions, two forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery. De' Vondre Campbell continues become one of the linebackers in the NFL.

2. Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys

Number two on the list cannot be ignore despite the fact his was a rookie in 2021 in the Lone Star state. Even though their season ended with another disappointing playoff exit, the Dallas Cowboys are sure happy to have drafted this Rookie of the Year player out of Penn State, Micah Parsons. Parsons flashed on the NFL screen from the start of the season in 2021 and produced one dominating rookie campaigns for linebackers. 64 tackles, 13 sacks, and three forced fumbles. The Cowboys' defense was one of to be reckon with as Parsons caused havoc on the edge and in the middle. That was just his rookie season, can't wait to what his sophomore season looks like.

1. T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers

Number one in this group was obvious. There's no way you can't say that he wasn't not only the best linebacker last season, but probably the best defensive player last season. Oh yeah, he won Defensive Player of the Year last season with a monstrous season in the Steel City. Talking T.J. Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 48 tackles, league leading 22.5 sacks (ties record for most in a season), five forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries. Watt was on a mission last season and don't expect that production to die down anytime soon as the Steelers look to continue improve defensively to where they used to be as the Steel Curtain especially in the post-Roethlisberger Era in Pittsburgh.

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