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Padres steal Juan Soto from Nationals

Washington Nationals star slugger and home run derby champion Juan Soto is now heading to the San Diego Padres just days after reports of him being traded surfaced. It was first reported that the Nationals were going to trade Juan Soto by the end of the trade deadline after he turned down a 15-year 440 million dollar deal. In the trade, the San Diego Padres will receive OF Juan Soto and first baseman Josh Bell. In exchange, the Nationals receive SS C.J. Abrams, 1B Eric Hosmer, Of Robert Hassell III, OF James Wood, and RHP Jarlin Susana.

For the Padres this is a stellar trade as the team adds another heavy hitter to their offense which already has two greats, former Baltimore Orioles star Manny Machado and star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. The Padres also added first baseman Josh Bell who is batting .301 this year with 14 HR and 57 RBIs performing better than Eric Hosmer their previous first baseman.

The Nationals receive a series of good players, mainly top minor league players. The Nationals will add San Diego's top prospect Robert Hassell III and San Diego's number 3 prospect James Wood. However, here's the thing, both Wood and Hassell are still in A ball, Hasell in High A and Wood in Low A. Both are not expected to make it into the MLB until 2024 making the nationals low on strong bats. Until then someone on the Nationals lineup will have to step up and become the face of the program.

The Padres ripped off the Nationals by landing two of their top players. The Nationals are known for doing this as they've given away many of their top players for nothing in the past years. If we look at some of the recent trades and releases the nationals have done you can see just how bad they've been ripped off before. For now Harrisburg, double a for the Nationals, and Wilmington, High a for the Nationals will be happy to have some potent bats on their team. As for the Padres, they look to return to the playoffs as they are in the wild card spot.

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