Pale Pro Wrestling: Exodus

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

By now, everybody knows how I feel about Pale Pro Wrestling. As a matter of fact, I'll always say that I am forever grateful for both VIP Wrestling and Pale Pro Wrestling. Now, I only want to take it a step further; I am forever grateful for independent pro wrestling. Pale Pro Wrestling has really made a huge impact on me personally since becoming a loyal supporter of the promotion.

Almost a year ago today, I attended my first Pale Pro Wrestling show and I adored it. I've grown close to Kyle Hessler, the owner of Pale Pro Wrestling. When he personally invited me to Pale Pro: Pushing Limits last year, I was excited. It was there that I began to start friendships with some of the talents working there. Pale Pro Wrestling: Exodus was my fifth show and much like the previous four shows, Exodus did NOT disappoint.

I was looking forward to this show. The wrestling card was brilliant. The likes of Major League Wrestling's Richard Holliday and Davey Richards worked exciting matches. All Elite Wrestling's Fuego Del Sol was there, as well along with Ring of Honor's Shane Taylor. In my case, on a personal note, it was a blessing to see my friends Korey O'Neal, Phil Noir, and Chander Hopkins, as well. In addition, I was happy to see Izzy James and I enjoyed his promo. And I'll be honest, it was good to see Nastico, as well. A terrible night for him, though. All three of his clients lost!

Every match was spectacular. In all five Pale Pro Wrestling shows that I've been to, I've not seen any disappointing matches. The talent is always doing a fantastic job! The working chemistry is absolutely unique. A great atmosphere.

I couldn't wait for the main event. My friend Chander was in it and he worked a hair vs career match with Cam Cole who was the champion. In the storyline, had Chandler not won, he'd be done with Pale Pro. But if he won the title, Cole would lose his hair! A great strategy for such a brilliant main event; hair vs career in a title match. Keep in mind, that it's about giving the fans a reason to be excited and come to the show. And this match did just that.

Cam and Chandler did a fantastic job working the match. Major props to both of them for their brilliant magic and work chemistry. Nastico, who manages Cam performed his role to the best of his ability and he did a great job, as well. As I previously mentioned, the working chemistry among the talent is extraordinary. Chandler winning the title brought me to tears as he and I have recently become very good friends. I felt it was about time he became the Pale Pro Champ. As the heart and soul of Pale Pro, it is only fitting. It's quite a blessing to say that I was there.

Much praise to ALL the talent that worked the show. I am very grateful for their hard work. And I thank Mr. Hessler for the fantastic job he's done. Pale Pro is unique!

Pale Pro Wrestling's next show will be on July 2nd. Get your tickets on and prepare for what will surely be another great show!

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