Patrick Mahomes' Big Pay Day

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The era of Patrick Mahomes has been taken to the next level. Mahomes and the Chiefs have agreed on a contract extension. A ten-year extension worth over $450 million. Mahomes now has the biggest and most expensive contract in NFL history.

The 2018 NFL MVP and Super Bowl LIV Champion and MVP only has three years under his belt. However, in his first three years, to say that Mahomes has accomplished a lot would be a major understatement. From being the youngest quarterback to throw six touchdowns in a game to become the fastest player to register 4,000 career passing yards and 40 touchdown passes.

The list of accomplishments is almost nearly endless and Mahomes has yet to reach his prime. In other words, he's only just getting started.

Where Does Mahomes Go From Here?

He keeps playing his best football. He continues to put up an effort to win games and go for another championship victory. In other words, he keeps building himself.

The Kansas Chiefs have the potential of forming a dynasty. Under the leadership and coaching of Andy Reid, the Chiefs can win at least two more Super Bowls. The future is very bright for the team. And now that Mahomes is locked in with the team, the dynasty is ready to begin.

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