Premier League Mega Preview

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Matt Green

Hi everybody. Uncle Madd here. Below you will find my prediction for the 2022-2023 Premier League. Do not be mad if I have your team too low. I have no idea what I am doing.*

  1. Manchester City- What do you do when you have the best manager in the world and can seemingly win the league with ease? You go sign the best young striker in work. It’s just not fair. Man City is getting dangerously close to Bayern/PSG territory where winning the league is a given, and success in the Champion’s League is their actual test.

  2. Liverpool- I sadly put a futures bet on Liverpool to win the league, but Klopp is already complaining about their injuries, and lack of signings. They have the best shot of pushing City, but unless Darwin Nunez and Salah combine for 60 goals it seems unlikely

  3. Tottenham- After Conte seemed at times like he was going to quit last season, the club backed him with some important signings. If Harry Kane can stay fit the club could even push for second. Conte could also have a meltdown, and Spurs could fall to like 9th

  4. Arsenal- Arsenal’s biggest issue last year was consistency, so with keeping their key squad intact and adding a few additional pieces they should be due for a climb up the table

  5. Chelsea- Chelsea is the biggest mystery on this list. Their transfers have been all over the place, and the squad could look very different when the transfer window closes. They could be a title contender or this year might be a wash while the new ownership formulates what they want the club to be. 5th seems a safe place for now.

  6. Manchester United- One thing that can be said is the new leadership for United has a clear plan and view on how they want to rebuild the club. Is it a good plan? TBD. They have made some nice signings, but none that will push them ahead of the clubs in front of them.

  7. West Ham- Moyes has fully transformed West Ham into his old Everton squad. They’ll consistently play the top teams well, lose head-scratchers to bottom teams, knock at the door of a Champions League spot, and ultimately finish between 6th and 10th

  8. Leicester- As impressive as their Premier League title was, it’s almost more impressive they’ve consistently remained near the top of the league in subsequent seasons. They should do so again, but if any more players get poached late in the transfer window they could crash

  9. Crystal Palace- I like Palace. I like Vierra. I like Zaha. I like what they’re building, and could see them finish even higher.

  10. Aston Villa- I like the squad Bills built, but I’m not fully sold on Gerard as a manager. The other marquee players of his generation who have given management a go have not faired well, but Stevie G has a chance to be the one who breaks through

  11. Newcastle- They have money now

  12. Nottingham Forrest- Definitely the most aggressive of the promoted teams in terms of building a squad that can stay up. I think they can jump some of the stale holds over mid-table teams for a great first season in the Prem

  13. Brentford- No idea but should decent

  14. Brighton - No idea but should be decent

  15. Everton- Honestly, I think they might get relegated but I have a hard time putting them down that low. They have a special place for me thanks to Tim Howard and Landon Donovan.

  16. Fulham- If Tony Kahn isn’t too busy with AEW, Ring of Honor, the Jacksonville Jaguars, or the 500 businesses he operates he should be able to field a decent Fulham team that will stay up after yoyoing a few times recently

  17. Wolves- They seem the most likely for a major crash. Their style of play relies too much on luck, and with key players departing it might be running out

  18. Southampton- After years of selling homegrown players to top teams, and replenishing from within the cupboard is starting to look a little bare.

  19. Leeds- I’m a fan of Jesse Marsch, and the new team America he’s building. I just wish it wasn’t at Leeds. He had a nice run to end the last season but English fans and media won’t let the Ted Lasso jokes go.

  20. Bournemouth- I’m not 100% sure they’re actually in the Premier League

*Full Disclosure I am a Manchester United supporter which may have affected my predictions. Sue me

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