Rams COO states current model isn't sustainable

Coming off signing Super Bowl LVI MVP, Cooper Kupp to a three-year extension on Wednesday and giving All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald a raise, the Los Angeles Rams are on the mission to RUN IT BACK!!! However, Rams COO Kevin Demoff says that the major contracts and signings in offseason not a 'sustainable' model. To be honest, Demoff is right. This model of major signings with massive contract extensions is not sustainable especially in a hard cap league like the NFL.

Earlier in the offseason, the Rams gave quarterback Matthew Stafford a four-year, $160 million extension after help led the Rams to Super Bowl LVI win. Their first real offseason move was bringing in former wide receiver Allen Robinson that led the Rams to trade LA native and WR Robert Woods to the Tennesse Titans. Then one of big offseason moves in the NFL was the signing of former Seattle Seahawks and All-Pro linebacker Booby Wagner to a five-year deal. This doesn't even mention the fact that the Rams can still bring back Odell Beckham Jr. with the cap they have.

Los Angeles Rams Noticeable Moves

  • Matthew Stafford: 4 Years, $160 Million Extension

  • Allen Robinson: 3 Years, $46.5 Million Deal

  • Bobby Wagner: 5 Years, $50 Million Deal

  • Aaron Donald: 3 Years, $95 Million Raise

  • Cooper Kupp: 3 Years, $80 Million Extension

All of these moves were great moves by the Super Bowl Champs and even more importantly is how Les Snead is managing the space cap while making these big signings. The mantra for the Rams this offseason and going into the 2022 season is Run It Back! These moves certain put the Rams on the right track to possibly repeat as champions, a feat that hasn't happened since the New England Patriots in the early and mid 2000s.

But this model that Les Snead has worked so beautifully can't be sustainable forever and Demoff knows that.

"I don't know that this model in particular is sustainable forever. To me, its' not about, 'Oh this is the model

we will always have.' I think our model has been aggressive in trying to build the best team we can build.

That is sustainable."

Demoff would going to state that, "I think everybody who joined the Rams joined with this idea that we could be one of the best global sports franchises in the world. And if we want to be one of the elite teams in this city, in the world, one title doesn't get you there."

The Rams ability to hit their draft picks consistency for years have afford them to use this model of major contracts and signings while managing the cap so well. Draft picks like Aaron Donld in the first round back in 2014 and Cooper Kupp, a third-round draft pick back 2017. Two of the main stalwarts to Super Bowl LVI.

But as the years go on the cap hit the Rams will take with these massive contracts and signings or lose key players in free agency and trade to avoid big cap hits. For now, Les Snead is doing a fabulous job as general manager for the Rams and Sean McVay as the head coach.

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