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The Blood Line Is Officially...IN CHARGE

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

If The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and The Usos weren't in total control before...WELL, THEY ARE NOW! Reigns is the UNDISPUTED World Champion and the Usos are now the UNDISPUTED WWE Tag Team Champions. The Usos defeated RK-Bro with the help of the chief and Mr. Paul Heyman. Heyman did call it as he reminded us that it was NO PREDICTION, but a SPOILER. Shall we say...the Bloodline is invincible.

And if The Bloodline weren't on top of the world before...THEY ARE NOW! Now that they have full control of the entire WWE throne, expect them to rule with an IRON FIST...for a very long time.

The locker room whether they like it or not...MUST ACKNOWLEDGE. At this point, they have no choice. Not only the locker room but the fans. The ENTIRE WWE Universe must now ACKNOWLEDGE not only the tribal chief but the ENTIRE Blood Line. They're the best thing going on in WWE at the moment.

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Blood Line IS IN CHARGE. Who will stop them...right now, NOBODY CAN.


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