The Dallas Cowboys are 3-1

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The Dallas Cowboys are now on a three-game winning streak. Honestly, the team is looking pretty good! Dak Prescott is playing very well. The running game is dominant. The offensive line is doing much better than anybody could have anticipated! We can't say that the Cowboys are 3-1 because of pure luck. No, there are well-deserved wins.

The Cowboys are coming off a 36-28 win against the Carolina Panthers. Despite the win, there are still some major issues to address. The defense despite registering five sacks and intercepting two passes is still getting burned on the passing play. A lot of blown coverage is what we see. Honestly, that's been a problem for a long time for the Cowboys' defense. In the fourth quarter against Carolina, the Dallas secondary fell asleep and Carolina took advantage. What went from a 36-14 lead quickly turned into a 36-28 lead. Furthermore, allowing Carolina to complete a 55-yard completion on a 4th and 8 is awful.

The Cowboys running game is brilliant. It was great to see Ezekiel Elliott have a 100-yard game against Carolina. The dynamic running duo of Elliott and Pollard is really making a difference. With over 400 rushing yards in the past two wins, it's quite clear that the Dallas running game is effective. Furthermore, we know that the more Dallas runs the ball successfully, the better. Quite frankly, one of the keys to victory to beat Carolina was to run the ball. Carolina came into this game with the #1 rush defense and Dallas racked up 245 yards on the ground against Carolina. Oh, and Carolina's defense also came into this game leading the league in sacks, and the Cowboys' offensive line managed to avoid allowing Prescott to get sacked. It was the Dallas defense that registered the sacks. A total of five to be precise.

The Dallas passing game is certainly playing well although the running game has been taking about 80% of the spotlight. But it's good to see Prescott able to make big plays. Amari Cooper had a brilliant touchdown today. CeeDee Lamb was quiet today. Dalton Schultz is continually making an impact. So it's good to see Prescott having lots of trusted weapons to throw the ball to. Cooper has been relatively quiet after his amazing performance in week one, however, he's still doing well. As mentioned earlier, the running game taking much of the spotlight!

Overall, the Cowboys are looking very good. They have the New York Giants visiting Arlington this Sunday, so Dallas needs to improve to 4-1 before going on the road to play the New England Patriots.

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