The Dallas Cowboys Backup Quarterback Position Is Still Wide Open

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The Dallas Cowboys have now played two games this preseason. There are still many adjustments to be made, as well as improvements. In other words, the team still doesn't have it together. And time is running out as we draw closer to Week One.

Garrett Gilbert is regarded as the favorite to land the position of Dak Prescott's backup. However, Gilbert has had some troubles in the first two games. Despite the troubles, Gilbert's performance has been decent. With three quarterbacks competing for a roster spot, the situation is very difficult.

There are two more games left to play. The Dallas Cowboys have wrapped up their stay in Oxnard and are now practicing at their facility in Frisco. On Saturday, they'll play Houston. For Gilbert, this Saturday, he has to put up good results in order to secure his possible role as Prescott's backup. Realistically, he's likely to play the entire first half.

In the last two games, the Cowboys have not put up the best results. While they did slightly improve against Arizona, the defense is still getting beat on plays. But to their credit, they forced a turnover, registered four sacks eight tackles-for-a-loss, and did make some stops. Overall, the Dallas Cowboys are not yet ready for the regular season.

With less than 28 days until they travel to Tampa to take on the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Cowboys have got to get it together.

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