The Dallas Cowboys' Triple Wide Receiver Threat

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

In the first round of this year's NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys selected CeeDee Lamb, a wide receiver out of the University of Oklahoma. The selection came as quite of a surprise since Dallas was expected to go with a defensive player in the first round, however, since one of the top receivers in the draft was available, Dallas took that chance. It was simply a once in a lifetime opportunity for America's Team.

The excitement has intensified. Joining the already unique dynamic duo of Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup is Lamb. Alas, no longer should we say a dynamic duo, but rather, triple threat! A triple threat of Cooper, Gallup, and Lamb. Cooper is known for his speed and route-running skills. Lamb, however, is known for being physical as well as picking up additional yards after making a catch. As far as Gallup goes, his athleticism is superb and he has a habit of proving that he's seriously underrated. There are lots to look forward to from these three wide receivers this season.

Dallas' passing offense has much potential going into this season. There's a bit of a complication, however. The health of Gallup and Cooper. Gallup missed a few games last year, though Cooper didn't. Cooper played some games while hurt which was a huge risk, but Cooper was determined to do his best for his teammates and the fans. Dallas needs its new triple threat wide receiver corps to be 100 percent healthy every week.

With a triple threat wide receiver corps, the Cowboys' offense can wreak havoc on opposing secondaries. As long as Dak Prescott is well protected by the offensive line, able to evade pressure, be an accurate passer, and connect well with his three receivers, then Prescott can certainly average almost 400 yards of passing per game. It's too early to make such predictions, but one thing is clear and that's that the Cowboys have plenty of offensive weapons. Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore will be calling the plays for the offense in 2020. Moore's offense last season was first in the league in total yards and sixth in scoring.

Are the Cowboys a favorite to win the Super Bowl? Talent-wise, yes, without a doubt. It's the mental strength that is worrisome. It's also the coaching. Coaching has been a problem for a long time. But now that there's a new head coach, along with new coaching staff, the Cowboys have exactly what they need; a fresh start.

This fresh start gives Dallas their chance to regroup, and regain their groove. Under the leadership of Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys have the potential of becoming a dominant team once again. If all goes well, the Cowboys can very well win the Super Bowl within three years. Immediately after he was officially introduced as the new head coach, McCarthy wasted no time in assembling his new coaching staff and beginning preparations to rebuilding the team. Seems like McCarthy has had a plan since day one and so far, so good.

Now, as far as assembling a triple-threat wide receiver corps, the world may wonder if it was part of McCarthy's plan or not? We can safely assume that part of his plan was to select the best player available when the Cowboys came on the clock. If that's the case, then McCarthy's objective was well-executed. It's obvious that McCarthy's plan is to build a team capable of winning the Super Bowl. In McCarthy's case, he's simply putting his plan into action, and if there are slight adjustments to be made, he simply does it.

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