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The Seahawks, Giants, and Bears are among several teams to start 1-0

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

NFL Week 1 was full of surprises and there were a few shockers. Pittsburgh beating Cincinatti on the road was not expected. The Texans and Colts finishing in a 20-20 draw is not a pretty sight. The Falcons coughing up a 26-10 lead is simply down their alley. Minnesota beating Green Bay helps their pride. And Dallas' season is already up in smoke? Well, that's music to the ears of many.

Nobody thought Russell Wilson would lose to his former team. Did the Giants beat the Titans? NOBODY SAW THAT. Chicago beating San Jimmy G leaning back to being under center? Maybe in Week 4.

Anyways, what a WEEK 1 it was! The craziest thing is that the AFC South's four teams are all WINLESS! We did recently learn that Lamar Jackson turned down a massive extension offer from the Ravens! And get this; Stephen A. Smith even suggested that the Cowboys sign Colin Kaepernick only for Cowboys legend Michael Irvin to heavily dismiss the idea.

Buckle's going to be a BUMPY RIDE! Week 1 is in the books and you know what? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET!

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