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Vince McMahon Has Retired?!?

In the words of the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin "what?"

Vince McMahon with an all time Friday afternoon news dump. The creative visionary who has led WWE since the 80s has shockingly announced his retirement. (Although maybe not that shocking given the recent news surrounding him)

Most thought Vince would die before retiring, but now that it has happened who will lead WWE's creative? Nick Kahn has been a successful leader on the business side, but has never been involved in the day to day creative. Triple H/Paul Levesque just today officially resumed his role as EVP of talent relations, but seems to have moved away from the booking side of the business. Vince's right hand man Bruce Pritchard is likely to take over in the interim, but surely is not the long term solution (unless this is all temporary and Vince plans to return if his latest controversy cools down.)

This will be an interesting story to follow especially with WWE's second biggest event, Summer Slam only a week away. I will be there by the way. Will be a night to remember for sure.

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