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What's Next for Manchester United without European Football?

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

For weeks, it was heavily anticipated that Manchester United would not qualify for a European football competition next season. Honestly, the club doesn't deserve to compete, and they cannot handle it. In other words, Manchester United is NOT good enough for the Champions League competition, the Europa League, and the Europa Conference League.

The injuries have continued to plague the club, but if it weren't for NOT having a deep depth, maybe things wouldn't be as complicated. Manchester United lacks all the qualities to be successful aside from talent. Yes, they have talent, but the lack of motivation, vision, mindset, leadership, etc, allows the despair to continue. And it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon.

Manchester United is in the FA Cup final, though undeservingly so. Manchester City will easily beat them, so it makes no difference. Man United can't be taken seriously because of their inability to make an impact. It's obvious that with the serious lack of motivation, the team doesn't even want to play.

As far as the team not participating in any European competition next season? Well, they need to deal with it. They have no one to blame but themselves. They'll have to muddle through in the Premier League and play well enough to earn a spot in a competition. They're fortunate enough to compete in the FA Cup, but then again, since they can't be taken seriously, there are no expectations for them.

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