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What's the Deal with the Colts?

While the headline may seem like the start of a Jerry Seinfeld joke, it is actually a genuine question I find myself asking. The above ESPN post was circulating today, and it got this question running through my head again. I have to preface this all by saying as Tennessee Titans fan I probably have some bias here, but I am genuinely curious at this point why the Colts continue to be a media darling. I did not consume the content from ESPN because I can't bare to see anymore fawning over the Colts, so let's just break down the headline.

"Front Office Success"

What constitutes front office success? Finding a new washed qb every offseason? Putting together a solid defense 11 years too late? Having the most Pro-Bowlers selected while not making the playoffs? I would say on field results, but that does not really fit the Colts recent history.

"Keep the Colts Ahead of the Titans, Jaguars and Texans"

This part literally makes no sense. The Colts have not won the AFC South division since 2014. You know who has won the division since then? All three teams that the Colts "front office successes" is trying to "keep" the Colts "ahead of"

"For the Next Three Years"

Why three years? What is the arbitrary window of time? Is that how long they think Matt Ryan will be around? Once again I did not read/watch the content so this could be anything. Is the apocalypse coming in 2024/2025, so we do not need to project NFL power rankings beyond that point?

So what is the deal with the Colts? Why are they always amongst the preseason dark horse darlings? My theory: the AFC South generally sucks, so it is easy to push the safe team that makes you feel good. The lingering effects of the media love for Manning and Luck combined with Indianapolis being legit the most basic American city there is (seriously this is where every major chain restaurant test new menu items to see if America as a whole will like them) make the Colts the perfect team for people wI have to preface this all by saying as Tennessee Titans fan I probably have some bias here, but I am genuinely curioho do not pay that much attention to teams outside of the major markets to love.

More power to the Colts. Ride that wave as long as you can. Titan Up*