Why Daniel Bryan Going To AEW Is Good

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

In the past few days, many reports have surfaced that Bryan Danielson formerly known as Daniel Bryan in WWE is in talks with AEW. Some reports insist that Danielson has already signed a contract, however, AEW has yet to confirm. AEW has been on a bit of a tear lately with new signings. Early last month, Andrade became All Elite. Earlier this month, Malakai Black formerly known as Aleister Black made his debut for AEW attacking Arn Anderson and Cody.

Chavo Guerrero made his debut this week for AEW announcing himself as Andrade's executive consultant. Hell, the master of deathmatches, Nick Gage made his debut this week! He'll take on Chris Jericho next week! AEW is growing and growing. And along with Bryan Danielson, CM Punk is apparently rumored to be in talks with AEW. The excitement is building.

So why is would it be good for Danielson to be All Elite? First of all, while under contract with AEW, he can work in Japan. AEW has a partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. Danielson himself has expressed his desire to work in Japan, according to Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net. Haynes also has reported that Danielson is looking to work fewer dates and seeks creative control on his persona. Furthermore, Haynes says a source told him that Danielson has signed a deal and that AEW has big plans for Danielson's debut with the promotion.

No doubt Danielson can have tremendous success with AEW. With control of his character and the way things are done in AEW, Danielson might just feel at home working at that promotion. It'll certainly be nice seeing Danielson do things his way. He can give the fans what they want without being held back.

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