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WWE Summer Slam Live Journal

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Hi. Uncle Madd here. Saturday, July 30, 2022, I attended WWE Summer Slam at Nissan Stadium. Below is the running unedited journal of the thoughts I took down throughout the show.

I attended Summer Slam with my nephew. We got into Nissan stadium about an hour before show time. We were in the club section, so once we found our seats we headed inside to enjoy the ac until show time.

The intro video for the show was pretty cool, but there was no pyro which I found odd for a stadium show.

The show is kicking off with Becky Lynch challenging Bianca Belair for the Raw women’s championship. Not sure if this is the nature of stadium shows but the crowd seems somewhat quiet early. There have been a few mixed chants for both women. My nephew was all on board for the EST Bianca Belair once I told him she was the good guy. The match got going with a few big spots on the outside of the ring. After a few good back and forth near falls, Bianca got the win for a huge pop. I was surprised as I thought they’d put the belt back on Becky. Becky shook her hand post-match possibly setting up a long overdue face turn. ****


Triple H is officially in charge. Dakota Kai got brought back and aligned with BAYLEY and Io Shari. Changes are officially coming!

Logan Paul vs Miz is up next. Before we left the house I told my nephew Paul was wrestling on the show and he freaked out, so if you’re wondering why WWE is bringing him in that’s why. Kids love him and we old folks are dumb.

Miz came out with Maryse and Ciampa. There’s no way Ciampa likes this. In the old NXT, he was an evil badass and claimed he never wanted to go to the main roster. Now he’s the Miz’s sidekick.

Miz and Paul had a really good match. If Paul is in this for the long haul he has a chance to be a big star. He seemed to turn some of the haters and got a decent ovation after beating the Miz. ***3/4

We got a maximum male models video promo. Dumb

They ran big promos for Lesnar and Reigns, so I almost thought we were getting that match third which would have been insane. Instead, we got Theory v Lashley (c) for the United States Championship.

Bobby Lashley gets a huge superstar entrance including the first pyro of the show. We took a bathroom/snack break at this point. Lashley won before we got back. Does Theory losing mean he’s coming back to cash in Money in the Bank? Worked for Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 31.

The Mysterios v Judgement Day next. Is it possible that Eddie Guerrero really was Dominik Mysterio’s pappi? He’s like a foot taller than Rey!

A huge chunk of Nissan Stadium chanting “we can’t see” and “turn the lights off” as WWE shoots a huge flood light directly into the stands.


Edge gets his revenge on Judgement Day and helps the Mysterios pick up the win ***

Happy Corbin vs Pat McAfee next. I was for Pat at first then I remember he’s a douche bag from the Colts. Let’s go, Corbin.

This feels like a match that’ll play better on TV because there’s a lot of interaction with Michael Cole, and we don’t get the commentary in the stadium.

The sloppiest match we’ve seen from McAfee. Like a typical scumbag Colt, he cheated to win by kicking Happy Corbin in the balls. **

Drew McIntyre cut a fire promo for the main event of the next PPV. I’m now hyped for that.

The main attraction Jeff Jarret is out to a huge pop, but they cut it off to run a video package.

The Street Profits are out in Titans gear with the Titans cheerleaders to get some local love. This all feels like a setup for Jarret to screw the Street Profits. One way or another we better get a guitar shot. The match is weirdly slowly compared to their last one at Money in the Bank. Crowd losing energy with early chin locks. Montez Ford is in with the hot tag to get things going. Not sure what happened with the finish. Jarret ran away as something distracted him but the Usos still appeared to win clean unless I missed something. We didn’t even get a Double J guitar shot. Big let down from these team’s match at Money in the bank **1/2

Riddle made a surprise run in even though he’s “injured” and called out Rollins. Rollins ran out and stomped him. Kind of pointless.

Rousey v Liv Morgan (c) for the Smackdown Women’s title up next. Mixed reactions for Rousey. Big pop for Liv. Rousey killed her the whole match then got pinned while Liv was in an arm bar. *

Rousey seemed to turn heel attacking Liv and the referee post-match. Still dumb

Main event time. Reigns out first. Somewhat surprising for the champ but he gets a big fireworks display around the stadium. Brock got a huge entrance and drove to the ring in a tractor. My nephew needed a pee break right after the intros.

Big spot after big spot. Lesnar gets out through two tables, eats a spear, and survives. Lesnar comes back and throws Reigns in the tractor to dump him in the ring.

Lesnar used the tractor to flip the damn ring!

Usos out for the save!

Heyman got F5ed through the table!

Theory is out! Lesnar kills him with an F5! No cash in.

Reigns huge spear on the outside after another assist from the USOS. Now Reigns brutally attacking Lesnar with the money in the bank briefcase. Now two belt shots and they’re burying Lesnar under the remains of the announcer table. Lesnar can’t answer the 10-count. Roman Reigns retains ****

My nephew is now a massive Brock Lesnar fan. He says he’s the real live Hulk and a literal beast.

Thanks for reading. If you feel so inclined check out the vlog of my Summer Slam experience

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