Dark Side of the Ring Season 2

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The Dark Side of the Ring is going to go down as one of the most interesting and exciting professional wrestling documentaries ever. Dark Side of the Ring is made by Vice on TV and it started back in April of last year. It covers some of the most controversial and infamous incidents and stories involving the world of professional wrestling.

The concept of this series is simply about depicting the truth and educating the viewers of what really happened. In other words, putting an end to the rumors, and coming 100 percent clean. The storytelling, the narrating, the interviews, the reenactments are superb. Perhaps, it's safe to say that the ultimate goal aside from enlightening the viewers was to simply bedazzle them. To say that a viewer will learn a thing or two in each episode of this series would be a major understatement. This series is really quite a life-changer.

The entire show is a roller coaster ride. It starts out smoothly, but it begins the intensity quickly intensifies. For anyone that hasn't watched the series yet, it's best to tell them, "Buckle up! This ride's only going to faster and faster! And it's not going to be a short ride."

A walkthrough of the series;

Benoit Part One and Two:

Season Two wasted no time in making an impact. The whole story surrounding Chris Benoit and his infamous double-murder-suicide was the perfect way to kick off season 2. The season takes us on a journey on Benoit's career. We g from his early years in Canada and Japan to his time in World Championship Wrestling to World Wrestling Entertainment.

This episode is difficult to watch. Based on what we learn, it's truly heartbreaking. David Benoit, who's Chris's remaining son revealed that WWE did not take care of him in the aftermath of what his father did. He even explains that the man who did what he did is not the Chris Benoit he knew and that the world knew. The viewers learn how much Chris loved and cared for his family and friends, as well as wrestling. Watching these two episodes, we learn how badly Chris was affected by the death of his best friend Eddie Guerrero.

The Life and Crimes of New Jack:

Jerome Young aka New Jack. A notorious wrestler that never hesitated from taking risks and utilizing a unique style of hardcore wrestling. New Jack's career really had its moments. From his time in Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling to Extreme Championship Wrestling. In addition, this episode talks about some of New Jack's impact on the Independent Circuit.

This episode goes like a timeline throughout his career. The Mass Transit incident in ECW, the infamous match against Gypsy Joe in 2003, the infamous scaffold match with Vic Grimes then the rematch a year later, and the incident with a wrestler at a show in Florida.

At this point, the ride just intensified...big time!

The Braw For All:

One of the most controversial stunts ever pulled in wrestling. Something caused much negative impact. Something that honestly never should have happened. The viewers just how bad of an idea it was and why it shouldn't have happened. What's really going to amaze the audience is how the whole idea came about. The reason why will truly blow the audience away.

What's really interesting about the episode, as well, is that we learn about the long-time feud and hatred between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo.

Jimmy Snuka and the death of Nancy Argentino:

Jimmy Snuka, a very well-known name in the world of wrestling. Known for his unique high-flying ability and his tendency to being a big draw in the business, Snuka made an impact and changed wrestling. However, the viewers learn of is life outside of the ring. Snuka constantly being on the road brings up much stress and drama. Snuka had a girlfriend with him and she accompanied him from town to town while he was working on the road.

The viewers are in for another session of learning. The difficult life of constantly being on the road had an effect on Snuka. It affected his relationship with Argentino. One day, something happened and Argentino died. Now the ride only intensifies further as viewers go through a timeline of the death, the investigation, and the aftermath. Then fast-forward decades later, Snuka is taken into custody, is found mentally incompetent to stand trial and he dies. To this day, the death of Argentino r