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The Downfall of the Bloodline: A Family Divided

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

It's now more clear than ever, that there's a civil war within the Bloodline. Honestly, that's been the case since the Royal Rumble last year. When honorary member Sami Zayn defected and tensions between Jimmy and Jey Uso began? Soon after, the Usos lost the undisputed tag team championship and tensions further escalated. Not long after, the Usos appeared to have defected from the Bloodline only for Jimmy to betray Jey and re-join the Bloodline.

Earlier this year, The Rock joining the stable set up quite the storyline. And from what happened at WrestleMania, the civil war may just be about to reach its peak. Roman Reigns is no longer the champion and is currently MIA. Solo Sikoa recently introduced Tama Tonga into the group and the two attacked Jimmy Uso and expelled him. Paul Heyman apparently is now...well a hostage? If you saw what happened on Smackdown, then you know. And it appears that Solo is the acting tribal chief. We remember when Reigns named him "Tribal Heir", don't we?

What now?

Reports have strongly indicated that Jacob Fatu has signed with WWE. For the time being, we're waiting for the return of Reigns, but the much-anticipated debut of Fatu is clearly the next move, obviously. More than likely, he'll join his cousin Solo, which means we ought to expect a reuniting of the Usos.

Here's how it's possibly looking; Reigns returns and supposedly reclaims his spot as the head of the table/tribal chief and then he's suddenly double-crossed by Solo, Tama, and Fatu. That would result in Reigns turning face for the first time in almost four years and joining forces with the Usos once again. Then the question would be, which side does Paul Heyman align with? And will the other side have a manager of its own? If so, who? Rikishi? Haku? Are we intrigued yet? Better yet, ARE WE EXCITED?!

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