Deebo Samuel wants OUT of San Francisco

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

It appears that San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel no longer desires to be a 49er. Samuel is entering the final year of his rookie deal. The 49ers organization has expressed their interest in keeping him long-term, but it appears that Samuel is unwilling to engage in talks for an extension.

Samuel has not given his reasons why he wants out of San Francisco. However, Samuel says that he has received death threats as well as racist/hateful comments from fans recently. Earlier this month, Samuel did remove all references to the 49ers from his Instagram page.

Where can Samuel go to?

Dallas: The Cowboys, believe it or not, are in need of a wide receiver. Quite frankly, they need to make up for that awful trade of Amari Cooper to Cleveland. It would certainly be ideal to go with Samuel rather than an inexperienced rookie.

There are a few problems though. First is the questionable offensive scheme in Dallas. Second, can Dallas really work out a deal to acquire Samuel? Who or what could they give up? The third is can he trust Dak Prescott who struggles with accuracy and has a habit of being inconsistent? Who knows? But Dallas just might be a suitable destination.

New England: The Patriots are trying to return to their old successful and dominant form. Mac Jones isn't at the franchise level yet, but progress is being made. Perhaps Jones and Samuel can make a fine QB to WR connection, no? Bill Belichick can make anything happen.

Samuel going to the Patriots is absolutely a realistic potential possibility. With at least half a dozen teams that would express an interest in acquiring Samuel, the Patriots would have to come up with a plan and they'd have to do it quickly because all other teams that want him are NOT going to wait.

Green Bay: Well, losing Devante Adams is terrible for the Packers. So going from losing Adams to getting Samuel makes things a little bit less stressful for the organization, right? No doubt, Aaron Rodgers would love to have the chance to play football with Samuel. No doubt, those two can do great things on the gridiron together.

One of Green Bay's draft needs is a wide receiver. The Packers do have two picks in both the first and second round of this month's draft. However, would the Packers be willing to surrender one of those four precious picks? Because it's very likely that San Francisco would demand one of them in order to agree to a trade. It's clear that if San Francisco decides to grant Samuel a trade, they won't make it easy on any team that wants him.

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