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Logan Paul Has Signed A WWE Contract!

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Logan Paul is back! Except for this time, it's not for a one-time Wrestlemania appearance. According to ESPN, the deal goes into 2023 and Paul will appear at WWE's premium events along with appearances on regular programming. The contract is signed and 100 percent confirmed. And once he signed his name on that dotted line, Paul sent a message to his former tag team partner, The Miz. He's coming for The Miz...

When we last saw Paul at Wrestlemania, he and The Miz defeated The Mysterios. After the win, Miz turned on Paul and delivered a Skull Crushing Finale to him! So it's no surprise that Paul is coming back and he's coming for Miz.

So shall we say it now? Logan Paul vs The Miz at Summerslam in Nashville? BET ON IT...

At Wrestlemania, Paul looked great. He's obviously in very good shape considering his past in boxing. But his wrestling ability is stupendous! Fans were highly impressed with how Paul worked in the ring. Better than anyone could have possibly anticipated! And now he is ready to take his career to the next level!

A feud with The Miz ought to be highly impressive provided WWE management does the feud correctly and effectively. If the feud goes well and Paul gets over as a face, who knows what the future could be in store for him? A feud with Sami Zayn maybe considering Paul was at Zayn's corner at Wrestlemania 37 in Tampa. Or maybe Paul vs Riddle? So many possible options!

Considering Paul's celebrity status, this is an opportunity cannot afford to mess up.

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