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2022 NFL Top 5 Rankings: Defensive Backs

The 2022 NFL season is approaching, and The Playmaker is here to give you his Top 5 rankings for each position. Today we focus on the other side of the football which defense. Here are the Top 5 rankings for defensive backs.

5. J.C. Jackson, New England Patriots/Los Angeles Chargers

The last line of defends is the secondary and the secondary can ruin games for the offenses with outstanding which number five on this list is a to impact defender. The former New England Patriots and new Los Angeles Chargers, J.C. Jackson. Jackson in the Bill Belichick defense in New England made things difficult for offenses in 2021. Racked up 44 tackles in 2021, but Jackson was a turnover machine in Foxboro with eight interceptions returning one for a touchdown and forced one fumble. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots will replace Jackson as he took his talents to Southern California and the LA Chargers along with Khalil Mack.

4. Micah Hyde, Buffalo Bills

Arguably one of the best Safeties in the league resides in Buffalo and lands at number four on this list. Micah Hyde. Hyde has been a top safety in the league for some time now. His big play ability on defense has always given the Bills an edge on defense after last season was no different. 53 tackles with one sack in 2021 but turning offenses over is where Hyde thrived. Five interceptions with one going for a touchdown, One forced fumbled, and two fumble recoveries. Going into the 2022 season, Hyde will continue to be a ball hawk in Buffalo and QBs will always look to see where 23 in blue and white is lined up at.

3. Kevin Byard, Tennessee Titans

Now we did that Micah Hyde is arguably one of the best safeties in the NFL, well that's because number three on this list has a case for best safety as well. Talking Tennessee Titans' Kevin Byard. Like Micah Hyde, Byard is a ball hawk for the Titans which makes that defense one of the top-notch defenses in the NFL. 57 tackles with a sack in 2021 doesn't tell the story. Five interceptions with one returned for a touchdown to go along with two fumbles and one fumble recovery that went for a touchdown. Byard ball hawking ability will continue to be a problem for opposing QBs and offensive coordinators when playing the Titans along Jeffrey Simmons causing havoc from the defensive line position.

2. Xavier Howard, Miami Dolphins

A trip to South Beach is where you will find number two on this list. A man who probably doesn't get enough recognition as he deserved for being an elite cornerback. Talking Xavier Howard of the Miami Dolphins. Howard has been an elite corner for quite some time now, but you don't his name enough. One of the reasons why the Dolphins' defense was tied for tenth in takeaways is because of Howard. Five interceptions with one returned for a touchdown, well forcing two fumbles, recovering two fumbles, and returning one for a touchdown. You can call him a ball hawking corner, a Johnny-on-the-spot player, or having a nose for the football, Xavier Howard is one of the elite corners in the NFL.

1. Trevon Diggs, Dallas Cowboys

Number one comes at a surprise only because no one expected him to have the kind of that he did in Dallas. Just as his linebacker teammate in Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs took the NFL by storm. The second-year pro showed what it means to be a ball hawking corner in 2021. Diggs led the NFL in interceptions with 11. That's right ELEVEN interceptions for Diggs that he took two back for touchdowns for the Cowboys. With expectation of Parsons getting better after his surprising rookie season, best to believe that Diggs will also get better going into his third year in the league for the Cowboys defense.

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